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Is your daughter struggling in an abusive or unhealthy relationship? Is she suffering after a sexual assault or sexual abuse? Is she grappling with sexual harassment or another related experience? Are you unsure how to help her or does she reject your attempts to help? I would love to provide a calm, safe place for her to work with any of these fraught situations.

My passion is helping young women move from feeling broken, invisible, or overwhelmed to feeling powerful, in control and ready to move forward. I have years of training and practice in applying proven methods for healing from bad experiences and coping with big emotions. I have learned how to make sure these methods work well for preteen and adolescent girls. My calm, well-trained professional therapy dog often helps in this work. She provides many opportunities to connect and feel safe and comforted. She also has a history of trauma and loss herself, and so give us many opportunities to work metaphorically with issues related to bad relationships, abuse, and loss.

Please call me at (720) 340-6261 or email me at peg@pegshippert.com to talk about how I can help your daughter move past the bad experiences and relationship challenges that are holding her back.

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A message from Peg for survivors of sexual assault, relationship abuse, sexual harassment and related experiences